PPDI celebrates and recognizes the cultural diversity of Viewpoint School.Sponsored by the Viewpoint School Service Association (VSSA), our parent-led committee hosts parent activities designed to enhance cultural awareness and to promote compassion throughout our community. PPDI connects and supports parents from all affinity groups to strengthen our shared experiences so we can deepen our understanding of one another. We believe that this process helps weave together the fabrics of diverse communities into a stronger whole.

What's new for PPDI in 2020

We have all experienced the unprecedented changes for our community in 2020. While the ongoing pandemic affects every aspect of our lives, our country is seeking ways to come together in solidarity. We feel the need to rise to the occasion and respond. PPDI is here to support you and provide a safe space to connect with our Viewpoint community. In support of our parent-focused goals for the organization, we are introducing three new initiatives:

Viewpoint supports affinity groups where parents with common interests, background, and experience can come together to support each other.

Check out our new PPDI newsletter. Read about the stories, cultural holidays, and issues that matter to our diverse community at Viewpoint.

PPDI proudly presents our series of cultural events and guest speakers for parents in 2020-21. Enrich yourself in dynamic and engaging presentations that celebrate our cultures.

Celebrate Diwali

Thursday November 19 7:00pm-8:00pm

The South Asian affinity group will be hosting a parent panel with Kirit Sarvaiya, Hemali Dave, and Ashish Toor. Learn about the traditions and culture of Diwali including an interactive session on how to make diyas, oil lamps made of clay, which are lit during the festival. **

We are very excited to host our guest speaker - Soraya M. Deen. In this interactive session we will talk about how our speech can heal or hurt, create joy or suffering, and determine our happiness. Soraya M. Deen is an award-winning international activist and community organizer. She is a lawyer and the founder of the Muslim Women Speakers Movement.

** To participate in Diya candle making, have the following materials during the event:
  • Crayola Model Magic (any color)
  • Candle wicks

Special thanks to VSSA Co-Presidents Lauren Landsbaum and Kristal Carlton for their ongoing support and Viewpoint parent Christo Dimassis for his wonderful photography.